Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the Deck

This is my third attempt at this painting. The first was done on gesso-coated watercolor paper, painting on all the dark and then lifting the lights. Some of the pigments I used stained the gesso so I couldn't get the lifted areas light enough, nor could I control the lifting as I wanted. I see I didn't post it. Just as well.

The second try hit recycling before it was finished.

I did this one on regular wc paper with successive layers of paint and successively increased masking. I don't know if I'm done or not; time will tell. Right now I'm mightly bored with it. Putting on mask, waiting for it to dry, slopping on paint, waiting for it to dry, all times 5 or 6 or a gazillion, is just not my style. Not nearly enough patience and precision. But I've done it and after I don't look at it for a week or a year or so, maybe I'll like it. You can see a larger version, with more true color, by clicking on the picture here.

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