Thursday, October 14, 2010

A pastel and underpainting

I've been working in watercolor only for the last six weeks or so. Yesterday I took a photo on my way home from teaching my watercolor class that just called out for pastel, so that's what I did today. I started with a wild, watercolor underpainting which got almost completely covered with the pastel: probably a good thing! You probably won't believe that the underpainting provided a map for the pastel, but it did. It was fun to do this one. I don't think I'm quite finished (no pastel is totally finished until it's framed) and I invite critiques.

This is the day after the miners in Chile were successfully rescued from their mine. I'm proud to say that my oldest son works for the company that made the equipment that both drilled the small hole which found that the miners were alive, and that drilled the large hole through which they were rescued. He didn't go to Chile but they did send a service tech. Here's a link to our local Fox TV channel and their feature on Schramm, Inc.