Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dorothy's Cabin

Dorothy is a dear friend and a watercolor artist. We visited her in Maine at her summer cabin last summer. I took a photo of the cabin, which she designed and built herself, with the help of numerous friends, with the intention of painting it. Today I was finally inspired! Her birthday is next month and I'll give it to her then but I showed it to her today when it was barely dry because I couldn't wait.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Killin, Scotland

I did most of this some time ago and didn't like it so set it aside. Today as I was tidying, it came to light again. I like the light in it and with a bit of fiddling using gouache, an opaque watercolor paint, I improved it to the point of liking it. It's inspired by the village of Killin where we stayed in Scotland last September.

Collage Expanded

I decided to expand on the collage I posted on December 1st. It seems pretty busy to me but maybe it's okay. They're fun to do, whether they're successful or not, even though I get the glue stuff all over me and my clothes. Good think I have "painting clothes!"

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pastel Woods

I felt like doing a pastel the other day and found a photo of woods for inspiration . . . I certainly didn't try to paint a portrait of the woods. With a pastel, it's possible to make minor changes virtually forever, so it's probably not finished yet.


I started this collage with the little brown/gray part toward the bottom right. It's got watercolor, pastel, gesso, corrogated cardboard, waxed paper, tissue paper and cotton crochet string in it. It has grown slowly, with lots of suggestions from painting friends.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Primary Pears

When I don't know what do paint, or I want to warm up, I paint pears. I guess I like their wonderful contours. Anyway, since I felt I needed warming up and didn't have anything else in mind, I painted these pears today. They're painted with primary colors and some brown pen. I sort of wanted them to be a bit obscure in all that color and certainly to be abstracted.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

More Holly

Through the magic of the computer, I combined the bottom of no. 2 and the foliage of no. 1 and got this. I like it.


This morning, when I got to our wc studio group, there was some holly on the windowsill. I didn't have anything in mind to paint, so decided to do the holly.
I ended up with a drawing and three paintings. In the first painting, I put paint on the paper, loosely where the various elements were, including splattering red for berries, then when it dried drew over it with a sepia pen. For the second painting, I used no pencil or ink and only painted the shapes. Thirdly, I drew the holly with a somewhat heavier brown pen and painted over that.

Do you have a favorite? (You can click on any of the images and see a much larger version.)

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Toward the Piazza

This painting of Fran's has a watercolor underpainting and pastel over that. Some of the underpainting shows through, in the buildings especially. The light in it just draws me (Jane) in and I love the man leaning on his cane. Fran is so good at figures!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Ruined Castle

While my Tuscan Memories underpainting was drying, I started this one from a picture and sketch I made in Scotland. On this one, the drawing is with a brown, permanent marker. I like brown because it's not a stark as black and seems to be more compatible with paint. I was inside the ruin, looking out when I did this. I worked on this and the Tuscan painting alternately, which was a bit challenging because the colors are so different.

Tuscan Memories

I got tired of the colors of Scotland and decided to go back to Italy. It's been gray here for a week and I guess I'm ready for some warm colors. I gave myself an idea of what I wanted to do, then splashed paint onto the paper leaving lots of whites. When that was dry, I drew on it with pastel. I like it, now that I've looked at it from a distance for a while. At first it just seemed sparse and sloppy.

Blue Collage, maybe finished

Obviously I've worked on this some more. The leaves are azalea leaves that are sealed on the paper with acrylic matte gel medium which will, hopefully, keep them from changing color. I may fiddle some more, but with the string on (crochet cotton I found in my stash of goodies) there's not much I will do. I think I might call it "Whimsy."