Tuesday, December 5, 2006


This morning, when I got to our wc studio group, there was some holly on the windowsill. I didn't have anything in mind to paint, so decided to do the holly.
I ended up with a drawing and three paintings. In the first painting, I put paint on the paper, loosely where the various elements were, including splattering red for berries, then when it dried drew over it with a sepia pen. For the second painting, I used no pencil or ink and only painted the shapes. Thirdly, I drew the holly with a somewhat heavier brown pen and painted over that.

Do you have a favorite? (You can click on any of the images and see a much larger version.)

1 comment:

Karin said...

I definitely prefer the middle version, the one where you just painted the shapes. Think it's a great painting, light and airy, an inspiration !!