Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Pastels

Our new pastel paper finally arrived and I've been itching to do some pastel. The late-day one is from a photo taken out our window at the house across the street (although the house itself doesn't look much like the painting). The other one is a field near the Brandywine Creek.

Sailboat and Charts

It's always hard to know when to stop when doing an abstract like this one. I'm doing it for the second time, since the first version contained collages of charts and old maps, something not allowed in many shows because they are not created by me. So this time I used various colors of ink, in addition to the watercolor paint, to draw my own charts and maps. If you look closely, none of the "writing" is real. I will probably work on this a bit more, but it's looking close to being done.

Friday, August 3, 2007


I'm still playing with painting sailboats, this time one that's under sail. Fran suggested I do one in reds and blues, so I did. I painted this about a week ago and didn't like it much, so it sat behind another painting. Today when I uncovered it, I liked it much better; it's often like that with paintings I do.