Friday, March 4, 2011

Long time!

Well, the move is essentially over. We've been in for 6 weeks. I still haven't found a home for all the framed paintings we moved, but other that that we're pretty well settled.

I have been painting, some, but just not posting. Here are some of the paintings I've done that I'm willing to own up to:

I bought some daffodils at Trader Joe's the other day and have painted them all sorts of different ways. I'm working on a collage that I hope will give the feel of daffodils without having to delineate them quite as much as these.

I found a piece of illustration board which I'd sprayed various textures on and decided that it was a perfect underpainting for a Tuscan scene. This painting with watercolor, conté crayon and pastel is loosely based on a photo taken in Siena.

Late afternoon one day after it had snowed, I looked out the sliders into our backyard and was taken by the abstract quality and glow of this (rather ugly) bush and the fence. This one is all watercolor.

I did most of this painting by masking the white and painting everywhere else, then masking the next lightest areas and painting everywhere else, etc, until the paper was almost completely covered with masking fluid and the buildup of paint layers made the very dark. I then used soft pastels to put detail in, especially in the eyes and noses. Amari on the left and Numa on the right.

This is soft pastel. I like it a lot although I think it needs a tweak or two.