Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cheryl's Lake

This is a pastel from a photo taken at my friend Cheryl's house in Maryland, just off Chesapeake Bay at its northern end. The lake was once a creek which drained into the bay but was dammed by the Army Corps of Engineers decades ago. This photo was taken from their deck. As usual, colors are bigger in the larger version gained by clicking on the picture here.

Here are a couple of quotes worthy of contemplation:
"Just remember artists don't make mistakes. We make strategic color and compositional adjustments, "impressionism experiments" and color studies." -Harry Perry a member of an email list I'm on.

"Value does all the work; color gets all the credit." shared with me by my friend Siv. This one feels especially apropos for this painting.


Vicki Greene said...


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Jane, I want the color to get more credit on this! I want that wonderful blue to get more credit by being to the right (as we look at it) of that tree so it is more prominent! I think it should extend over htere a bit more. This is a wonderful landscape, it has everything it needs except (from my opinion, anyway) the blue extending further towards the right. This is a super pastel and I like it a lot.