Thursday, November 16, 2006


The lesson today was collage. Nancy suggested starting with a small (3" x 3" or so) piece of an old painting that has gone bad. Then put something over/across it. Then slip other things under it or along an edge. Etc. I have a whole bin of torn up paintings and other papers I've created with rice paper and paints specifically for collage. The painting scrap I started with is in the upper left. That suggested colors, and there's a reddish "bird" in its upper right so that suggested a theme. The other elements of the piece are papers I'd prepared for collage months ago and some waxed paper that was stained with liquid watercolors. I tried to obscure some of the edges of the individual elements by the way I placed other elements next to them. It's quite a puzzle, intuitive and very engrossing. The "birds" at the bottom right are cut out and just tacked on because I'd like to work on the shape of them more.

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Shant said...

Looks great! i love collage, I took a workshope with Carrie brown.

If you want to exchange links I will exchange with you.

here's mine... let me know..

Shanti Marie