Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I did this one today in our studio group. Some gesso here and there on the watercolor paper, then soft grays and greens with watercolor splashed over the whole paper. I had brought back from Scotland all the maps and brochures and tickets and stuff and I used those to collage over the painted surface. There's also some paper towel stained from mopping up paint, some waxed paper, also stained, from doing liquid watercolor textures and some pastel on paper towel! Everything is lightly tacked on with double sided, removable tape, so it may change completely before it's done. It's 21 x 14.


martywalton said...

I don't know if there's something about the collage that reminds me of old steamer trunks with all the travel stickers covering them, or if it's the design itself, but I have a strong sense of travel and being on a train.

Shant said...

Wow, keep up the good work.