Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bridge, Chimney Pots

I did this from last week's lesson and splashed color across my paper. For this one, I had in mind a sketch I'd done in Scotland, so I had some idea where I wanted the brown and where the green. Then I drew from my sketch over the dried paint. I started with a sepia conte crayon and when that wasn't enough, went to pastels. Nancy (the teacher) liked it a lot and told me to take a slide of it. That means she thinks it could be entered into a competition. She also suggested that I "float" the painting on a green mat and put a white mat around that. I've tried to show the floating in Photoshop.


RHCarpenter said...


I like this a lot and think it has real potential, too. It has a really strong composition and good colors, as always. You must be building a good portfolio of paintings to enter into shows :)


Cheryl Aguilar said...

Jane i like this painting, it has good composition and feel to it. It is very creative. Cheryl