Monday, March 23, 2009

Morning Walk

We have crocuses and early daffodils blooming and I decided to paint winter today. Go figure; usually I want to anticipate a season. I needed to do something entirely different after all my versions of Nonna, so I got out my pastels and printed a photo I'd taken one snowy morning this winter while I was walking the dogs. I love my new iPhone, with its included camera! Before I put on pastels, I did an underpainting on the Wallis, sanded paper with liquid watercolors. I love the way underpaintings sneak a bit of themselves through the pastel and enliven the final painting.


Doris said...

Lovely contrasts in values and color!

Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful. Your work makes me want to give pastels a try.

Kathy said...

Beautiful snowscape Jane, Kathy