Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Front Gate

Or "Winter Series No. 2." Another pastel I did today. I had the same sort of underpainting as the one yesterday. It's fun to see the whole mood and temperature shift as I apply the pastel over the hot oranges and reds. There is a point, however, where the underpainting is distracting and I have to hurry to at least block in the colors I want.


Jeannette St.G. said...

I love both of youw snow paintings! hard to do with watercolor. Glad I found you.
cheers, Jeannette
PS (I paint in oil, pastel, watercolor)

Michelle Himes said...

I am passing on this "Passion for Painting" blog award to you, because your work has been an inspiration. As part of the award, you are asked to link back to me, pass the award on to 7 other bloggers, and list 7 things you love.

It is up to you if you wish to participate, and I won't be offended if you opt not to participate. It won't change my appreciation of your work or my reasons for selecting you (see my blog www.mhwatercolornotes.blogspot.com). You may have received similar awards in the past, and I know that participating takes a bit of time which for many of us is in short supply. Either way, many thanks for your passion, inspiration, and encouragement.