Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mixed Media Workahop

I do love these workshops! This time it was at our local art center and lasted 5 days. Several of the participants, as well as the teacher, are good friends which made it even more fun. What messes we made! And this time, for a first, I am happy with more of what I did than unhappy. And Rhonda, one of these is for you! A good number of these are old paintings which I no longer liked (if I ever did). What a great way to fix bombs. Not all of these are finished, but then, with this stuff when is it ever finished? And as usual, if you click on an image it will get much bigger.


RH Carpenter said...

Good grief, that was a productive week!!! So many of these are so organic and flowing and natural looking - one looks like a dress made of bark; one like the beachline with things coming ashore; one like a crow wanting new shoes :) I know that one is mine mine mine!!! Beautiful work, all around, Jane :) And thanks for including the crow for me.

Elsie Hickey Wilson said...

Hi, Jane,
Wow! I really enjoyed seeing all of these mixed media paintings! What fun you are having and it is amazing how just a few bits along a line create a horizon line etc.
You are very inspiring!

Norena said...

Jane, Just so you know, you are the one who inspired me to use any media I chose and it has made all of the difference. I love your latest workshop work and as soon as I can unpack my studio. said...

Wow! Beautiful work!! What inspires you?

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Anonymous said...

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Suz Darran said...

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Ruth Steinfatt said...

Great pieces... I do enjoy doing this type of thing to loosen up :)

Ruth Steinfatt said...

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Anoush said...

Jane, que lo sepas, tú eres el que me inspiró a utilizar cualquier medio que elegí y ha hecho toda la diferencia. Me encanta su último trabajo taller y tan pronto como puedo desempaquetar mi estudio.

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