Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Sunshine I and II

I tweaked some more on the pastel and then worked from the same photo in watercolor. With the latter, I wet all the paper but the tree trunks and the path, then dropped in various blues, yellow, and mixed greens. With the trunks dry, the paint didn't spread there but made a nice, soft image over the rest of the painting. When that was dry, I painted the trunks, the path, and played a lot more with the greens. I've discovered a new green mix: ultramarine blue and Quinachridone gold, a mix I've frequently used for evergreens, especially, plus a little prussian blue. That's a green that's a bit more blue and less dull. Even the darks of spring greens aren't dull! For some reason, I had a hard time photographing the watercolor so the yellows are more dull here.

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