Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I worked on this yesterday. It's not finished and I'm hoping others' eyes will see the little things that still need doing. It's pastel, 14 x 20", more or less. I know the figure is too small, if you can see it at all.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Okay, here goes, this is what I see. First, the colors are so gorgeous and inviting! The bridge well-rendered. I think the figures could be a bit larger, but not so much that they steal the show. I do think the ground of that pathway is a bit too bright, though. It should be toned down to fit in with the perspective of the distance where the figures are walking. about making some puddles of that color surrounded by a grayed down version for the path to show a recent rain shower, as well as some puddles on the bridge?

Regarding the bridge, I am unsure of that deliberate curve of the handrail on the back left of the bridge. If it is that curved in real life, maybe plant a tree nearby that is flowing over this part will make it look more natural?

Bear in mind that I don't see the reference photo and I am sure, with your drawing skills, that this is well-rendered so I may be way off base with these suggestions. Whether you change much or not, this is showing much promise already!

Doris said...

Jane, this is lovely! There is an almost identical scene at the campground in Trap Pond, DE. I've often thought it would make a great painting. My only thought is to dull bright yellow/orange at the end of the bridge. I think it will help to push it back a bit. Just a thought. It really is lovely as it is.

jeannette said...

Yes, I see the figure:) This is a great rendering of the bridge, Jane!