Tuesday, June 5, 2007

woods abstract work in process

I've been pulled toward doing more abstract work lately, although I'm never sure how to begin (or continue, for that matter). I thought about what I particularly like and woods and trees came to mind. I spent one afternoon at the computer, manipulating the values and colors of some of my photos taken in the woods in Photoshop and ended up printing several of my creations. This painting has been built on one of the photos which is collaged on my paper in the upper left, along with some pieces of another version in a couple of other places. I've gotten this far and now I'm not certain where to go next, so I'm going to live with the painting as it is until it (or someone) suggests the next step.

1 comment:

Martha Roberts said...

Jane, It looks like the trees are having a conversation. Actually, I just LOVE this -- its whimsy makes me laugh. Martha